In 2012 our overpriced rail fares have been hiked again. Our trains are already the most expensive in Europe.

In three years time ticket prices will be 24% more expensive than now, yet passengers continue to be stuck with overcrowded, unreliable trains, with less staff on trains and less staff at stations.

This Government is taking us further and further away from the value for money train service we all need.

From 3 January take action:

Tell George Osborne how much your fare went up this year and why you are so angry:

  • Tweet @hmtreasury #farefail #railfail
  • or text FAREFAIL and your message to 88802 (Texts will cost your standard rate)
  • or call the Treasury switchboard 020 7270 5000

Please wait until Tuesday 3 January 2012 to help us have the biggest impact!

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